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Glossary of Terms

Welcome to Our Glossary of Terms web page. To ensure "product specific" descriptions of products, the following terminology will facilitate discussions and ordering procedures.

Dimensional Terminology

Bed Depth – The approximate distance from the front face of the chopped stone to the back side of the stone.

Full bed depth – Dimension from front face of stone to back face. In dimensioned stone 4”, in chopped stone nominal 4”.

Thin veneer bed depth – nominal 1”

Thin Veneer Flats
Thin Veneer Corners

Course Height – Dimension from the bottom edge of the stone or stone course, to the top edge.

Coursed Veneer – Veneer stones having equal heights to form each continuous course.

Uncoursed Veneer – Veneer stones having unequal heights.

Length– Horizontal dimension of individual stone segments.

“Nominal” or "Approximate"– 1/8” to 3/4" variation in stone dimensions.

Stone Patterns and Face Finishes

Dimensional Stone - Natural building stone that has been sawn or machined on all sides to specific shapes and/or sizes.

Random Builders Stone (sometimes called “rubble” or “flagstone”) - Irregularly broken and random sized pieces of stone, set in irregular patterns.

Quarry Chopped, Snapped Edge (Uncoursed) – Stone is split/chopped at top and bottom beds and at approximate right angles at the ends.

Sawn Top And Bottom (Uncoursed or Coursed) - Sawed at the top and bottom beds and the ends are split/chopped either by hand or by machine at approximate right angles to the top and bottom surface.

Roughback - Outside, natural, exposed surface of a quarry block, having one side sawn and the opposing side natural or rough. The natural face of the stone has a wider range of colors due to weathering (See Stone Types and Colors).

Split-faced - The face surface area of individual modules is chopped to give a rough textured finish.

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